When Chris represents you, he has your back.  He is your counselor and advisor.  Your partner.  Your friend.

When he opposes you, Chris will extend you every courtesy possible, consistent with protecting his client’s interest. He believes it important to be able to reasonably disagree without being disagreeable.  (Well, most of the time anyway.)  The best rule is the Golden Rule.

Here’s what some of Chris’s clients and other attorneys have to say about him:

  •  “Chris is one of the most talented labor attorneys I've met. I have had the privilege of working with him on arbitration cases, policies and other issues. He is very thorough and does not hesitate to turn over every stone to ensure that whatever the action taken is the right action. I always looked forward to working with him on any project.”  P.M., client/HR Business Partner

  • “Chris represented me in a wrongful termination/ERISA case. Chris’ expertise in employment law was the key in getting me a very nice settlement. He went up against a very large law firm from Dallas. The company spent many thousands in an attempt to get my complaint dismissed and thanks to Chris they lost every attempt. He came up with a unique strategy that ultimately proved very successful. Hiring Chris was the right decision!  Chris will advocate for you against anyone….  I would recommend him without reservation and would seek his counsel on any employment related matter. He has decades of litigation experience and knows employment law as well as anyone.

* * *

Chris also represented me in a dog attack case.  Chris fought for me against the owner’s insurance company and was able to secure a settlement of about ten times my medical expenses.… I don’t know how he was able to do it but the settlement he secured was way more than I was expecting. You will not be disappointed if you have Chris on your side.”  F.J., Repeat client

  • “Chris and I have been colleagues for over thirty years, first while in private practice and later in corporate practice. In my view, based on my direct work with him and his results obtained in separate matters, he is a first-rate litigator and completely dedicated to the best interests of his clients. He blends well the strengths of a tenacious and well-prepared courtroom lawyer with a succinct and very persuasive writing style. Chris always gives it all he's got, and his clients deeply appreciate him for it.”  R.G., Attorney