Welcome to the no BS law firm

You have a right to quality legal services through a no-nonsense approach. 

The Chris Bourgeacq Law Firm commits to delivering legal services to you with straight talk, determined representation, and creative thinking. 

When we represent you, we want to fully understand your legal problem, your business, your background, your goals, the whole story, so we can give you the best results possible.  We will not charge you every time we pick up the phone or every time we visit with you to talk about work.  That’s not the way to do business.  We know that.  So do you.

We also maximize technology to save time and money. It's in both of our interests to get work done efficiently and effectively. And we do that.

If there's an app for that, we'll try it. Want to meet by Skype or FaceTime? Let's go. Prefer to work primarily by email? That's fine too. But we also believe in the value of face-to-face meetings, and we'll make "house calls" if you prefer. 

And one size does not fit all when it comes to fees for legal services.  We believe in flexible fee arrangements customized to meet your needs and the nature of your legal issues.  Depending on your needs and the issues involved, we can arrange fees on a flat-fee basis, hourly, contingent, or a combination of these methods.  Don't ever let concerns about fees overcome your need for quality legal representation when facing a serious legal problem.  Together, we'll find a solution.

Remember:  No BS.  No surprises.  No mumbo jumbo.  No kidding.

Our Professionals

Chris Bourgeacq:  Founder and owner of the firm, Chris has practiced law for almost 30 years.  Licensed in Texas, Missouri and Illinois, Chris began his career in private practice in St. Louis, Missouri.  There, he handled personal injury cases, securities litigation and arbitration, commercial disputes, and workplace disputes. 

Chris later joined Southwestern Bell Telephone, which merged with AT&T.  As in-house counsel, he was primarily responsible for handling labor and employment issues in Texas and several Midwest states. 

His extensive labor and employment work involved serving as lead attorney or in     first-chair trial roles in hundreds of lawsuits, mediations, arbitrations, and administrative proceedings.  He also has briefed and argued several appeals in federal and state courts. 

Chris has represented management in collective bargaining, drafted labor agreements, and then defended clients in labor disputes arising from those agreements.  He also has handled unfair labor practice charges and representation petitions filed at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) across the country.  Chris regularly practices before the many alphabet soup agencies that deal with labor and employment issues, such as the EEOC, DOL, TWC, OFCCP, OSHA, and countless other agencies.

Chris is especially experienced in drafting and reviewing employer handbooks, policies, and procedures with an eye toward making them comprehensive and understandable.  He knows how to design your policies to take advantage of them later, when defending legal claims brought against employers or proving your compliance to regulators when they come knocking.  He also frequently trains HR professionals, managers, and other employees on workplace issues.

In addition, Chris served as lead attorney for Southwestern Bell and AT&T in several major regulatory proceedings before the Texas Public Utility Commission.  His in-house work also gained him years of significant experience in contract and other commercial disputes, transactional issues, administrative law, real estate, and insurance law.

Chris grew up in Missouri, served in the U.S. Air Force for six years, and lives with his family in Austin, Texas and (as often as possible) at the Texas Gulf Coast.

If you’d like to read Chris’s full resume, you can find it here.

Other Professionals:  We are looking for top-notch legal talent.  If you are considering a career change or looking for an innovative way to practice law and to better serve clients, contact us.  We’d love to talk to you about a possible affiliation or other professional relationship.

Office support:  

Meet Baron Bourgeacq.  Baron wears several hats.  He provides security service.  He also consults in the areas of dog bites, service dog recommendations, sniffing out things, and demonstrating sleeping techniques.  

His favorite activity is pro bone work.  Baron is truly a pro when it comes to bones. (Sorry, a little legal/dog humor here.)   Fetching is for amateurs; been there, done that.  He also embraces diversity, hanging out with breeds of all kinds and frequently laying around with cats.

Baron and Chris are now in a contest to see who goes completely gray sooner.  Chris appears to be winning.