The First Step....

Well here we go.  First blog post.

This is a special day for me.  For some time I've wanted to start my own law practice.  My former employer, AT&T, recently made that possible with an early retirement offer I couldn't refuse.  Fortunately, I leave that job with many friends, no regrets and, in fact, my sincere thanks to an employer that let me support my wonderful family.  I appreciate AT&T for the many exciting jobs I handled there and for exposure to a breadth of legal matters rivaling that of most lawyers in private practice. 

But I'm too young to "retire."  I stink at golf and have no patience for fishing.  And I still enjoy my chosen profession. So once again and decades later, I'm back in private practice.  Solo.  The buck stops here. 

I must admit that starting a solo practice has given me an enormous respect for persons before me, lawyers and nonlawyers alike, who build a business from scratch.  There's a lot of work and planning involved, more than I expected, just to be able to ply your profession.  But now we're finally ready and the digital "shingle" is out -- see my website here, compliments of my daughter the graphic designer.  We're open for business.

Besides practicing law, I enjoy writing.  Hopefully, this blog will let me combine parts of both. 

So what can you expect here in the future?  Well, of course commentary about workplace law.  That's my bread and butter.  Some observations about the legal profession.  Maybe some humor.  Sarcasm galore.  A pinch of politics.  And maybe an occasional personal tidbit. 

I welcome your comments, critique, debate, and dialogue.  

Stay tuned.