Internet & Social Media Privacy and Harassment

The Internet and social media have created many unintended, harmful consequences:  loss of privacy, damage to your reputation, bullying & harassment. 

Data breaches are everywhere.  Blaming China or North Korea is no excuse (and may not be the real reason for the breach either).  Your private, sensitive personal information deserves protection.  And the law requires it. 

If your personal information has been improperly released in a data breach, don't just chalk it up to life in today's digital environment.  You have rights.  We can help.

Some companies could care less about your privacy and simply see your personal data as a commodity to sell and exploit.  And some individuals – young and old – abuse social media to inflict harm on kids, vulnerable adults, and businesses.  Freedom of speech, however, is not a license to do harm.

Don’t think that you are powerless or have nowhere to go for help when you find yourself the subject of this harm.  If you, your child, or your business are on the receiving end of malicious, defamatory and damaging Internet attacks, contact us to discuss your rights and possible responses.